The Pledge

Take the Many1 pledge, join the movement and spread the word by signing below:

I understand that we all have different perspectives and opinions, shaped by our unique backgrounds and experiences.

And while we may not always agree, I believe that what unites us is more powerful than what divides us.

All people deserve equal opportunity and respect for their humanity. And every individual, including me, has the responsibility to stand for these fundamental rights.

I am taking this pledge to make it clear that these are my values and beliefs and that I will take tangible steps this year to:
  • Advocate for equal opportunity for all people
  • Celebrate, honor and respect the differences of others
  • Prioritize listening and understanding, even when reaching common ground may be difficult.
  • Encourage friends and family to take this pledge and join efforts to unite our communities and country.
We are many. We are one. We are Many1.
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