Many1 began as a conversation among friends. The son of Ethiopian immigrants, a kid from the South Side of Chicago, a prep schooler from New England and a farm boy from Indiana. We are friends from different backgrounds, different cultures and different beliefs. Friends who don’t always agree, but always have each others’ backs -- or are at least willing to listen.

We sat around a room talking about the world that’s hiding behind social media, avoiding the face-to-face, shouting past one another. We don’t like that world. And to be honest, we don’t believe it represents who most of us are and try to be every day.  

The Many1 movement is pretty simple: it’s about standing up and saying that what unites us is more powerful than what divides us.

It’s about going beyond the headlines, engaging in meaningful dialogue and advocating for mutual respect. It’s about living the motto of our country: E Pluribus Unum.

Of Many, We are One.